Garden chairs sets are really important for garden design. Most obviously they must be comfortable, but in Dubai and the Middle East in general, outdoor furniture must also be of top quality to last in such an extreme climate. At times temperatures in this region are higher than 40 C and can of course quickly damage garden chairs if they are made of the wrong materials. Parasol Garden Furniture can offer a solution – rattan garden chairs and teak garden chairs. These materials are made for extremely hot climates like that of the Middle East. So if you want to buy garden chairs rattan or teak are both excellent choices.


Parasol Garden Furniture provides a perfect service for people who need to equip their garden. We’ll deliver everything quickly and if any problem occurs in the future, our team is always there to help you. We provide a furniture care service so our garden chairs will serve you well for a longer time.


Our showroom is situated in the centre of Dubai and has an impressive collection of outdoor garden furniture. So if you want to equip your garden with modern rattan or teak furniture, if you need a beautiful garden chair set, come to our showroom and you’ll have professional advice and an outstanding client service experience.


Parasol Garden furniture has been on the furniture market of Dubai since 2006. We know that it’s essential to offer an excellent client service to compliment our high quality product. We offer trial periods and furniture care services. A complimentary trial period will help you make the best decision if you are unsure. We’ll bring the furniture to your place and leave it for a few days, so you see it fits and looks good. Our furniture maintenance service helps keep the furniture you buy look like new and last for many years.


Our showroom is located in the very centre of the city, close to the Mall of Emirates, 327 Umm Suqeim Road, Barsha-2. You can always pay as a visit and take advantage of our consulting service concerning garden design.