BBQ Grill

50% OF PRICE, 100% OF TASTE!

Electronic devices, conditioned air, smart cars and high-speed trains – we are swallowed up by civilisation and don’t need to go hunting anymore. More of it – we don’t even need to cook. Just one call or couple of clicks and everything will be delivered to your door shortly.

But sometimes we miss a wild wind blowing into the face, the smell of smoke and taste of meat, which was prepared with our own hands. This is the taste of real life. Preparing barbecue could be one of these few remains of our childhood. Do you remember these evenings spent around bonfire with all these mythic stories told in low voice? It’s a pure adventure, so don’t deprive yourself of it, don’t let the everyday routine erase it.

Use the Special Limited Offer from Parasol and get one of the best BBQ Grills for the half of its original price!

Our BBQ Grill is a perfect solution for partying with your friends and loved ones. It can be just one more reason to gather some people you love in your garden or backyard for weekend or a pleasant evening during the week. Even if you don’t eat meat you can use it for preparing fish or grilled vegetables? Anyway – any food tastes much better when it’s prepared on fire and eaten outside.

Top 5 things you’ll get for free along with our great BBQ grill:

  1. Reputation of unsurpassed BBQ-master among your friends – everyone will wonder, what’s your secret. But the secret is – everybody can be great in meat grilling with a right BBQ grill.
  2. A series of unforgettable evenings and a reason to gather your friends again and again.
  3. New experience and new adventure which you’ll love for sure.
  4. If you’ve got children – take them out from their computers, teach them to grill meat and tell a few stories. Your children will be proud to have such cool parents.
  5. Instead of an average grill you get a super BBQ grill, but the price is the same. So why not?

The new season is just around the corner. Extreme summer heat is leaving behind and pleasantly chilly autumn evenings are waiting for us. They can be full of good talkings, long exciting stories and times which will definitely be part of your best memories. Let’s make them even more tasteful and unforgettable.

Just come and take a look at it to our showroom. We located in a few minutes drive from Mall of the Emirates, so you can drop in even during your lunchtime or after work. Probably you’ll be looking for some new outdoor furniture for this season anyway. If so, you’ve got the chance to kill 2 birds with 1 stone: choose a couple of new chairs or tables and get this unique BBQ grill for a half of its original price.

Why should you choose us among other retailers? We’ve been working on UAE’s market of outdoor furniture and garden equipment for almost 10 years. We work only with the best European, Asian and American suppliers which have a great reputation and unparalleled quality. We provide BBQ grills, outdoor furniture and sunshading umbrellas for some of the best properties across the region, including leading hotel chains and restaurants.

We’ve got more than 4000 happy customers, most of them come back to us again and again. And of course – our great deal – 50% off for one of the best BBQ grill on market.

The new season is coming, so we’d like to make you surprise – you can buy a really great BBQ grill for the price less of even average one. Enjoy new season with your brand new BBQ grill. Go ahead – experiment with tastes and find out your own unique one!

What else? Giving a choice to our customers is one of our distinctions. Even now with such a great deal you can choose among 24” and 36” black porcelain Jaguar series.

They’re both great and both come for a half-price. The choice is yours. The smaller one could be great for smaller families or companies of about 3-4 people. But the bigger one is really great for making a big loud BBQ party. Men definitely appreciate it. If you’ve got a big house, big car, big yard and big family, then you definitely need a big BBQ grill! Just come to our showroom. It’s located on your way to Mall of the Emirates, so drop in when you’ll have time and inspiration and choose your perfect grill!

Welcome to our showroom

Our showroom is located in the very centre of Dubai, not far away from the Mall of Emirates, Al Quoz 3 - Umm Suqeim St - Sheed 1 - Dubai