Parasol Teak


Parasol Teak Furniture was established in 1996 and is now considered one of the leaders in the field of teak outdoor furniture.


The furniture is produced from 100% kiln dried solid teak, which results in long lasting products. Every year 30 new designs are presented. The Parasol Teak Furniture quality assurance team controls every single piece of furniture through all stages of production.


Purchasing teak patio or any other type of teak furniture is an investment, because garden teak furniture is so durable that it will serve you for many years and maybe even serve your children and grandchildren.


Outdoor teak furniture is very solid and dense, it doesn’t require much maintenance and is resistant to hot temperatures, high humidity and insect attack. This resistance to damage is due to the structure of the teak itself which contains an abundance of natural, protective oils. Teak furniture sets are not only beautiful and stylish, but they are of high quality and durability. Parasol Teak is very focused on quality and is determined to provide outdoor furniture to the Middle East, which is resistant to the harsh weather conditions and therefore of lasting value to our clients.

To remain in optimal condition, teak furniture does though need some periodic treatment, especially if you place it outside. If outdoor teak furniture is left untreated, it soon becomes silver-grey through oxidization and at times small cracks can appear in teak chairs and teak sofas. These don’t actually affect the durability and structure of teak furniture pieces, and in fact some clients enjoy the naturally weathered look of untreated teak. The cracks tend to become larger in hot and humid climate conditions, but they will often reduce in size once cooler weather returns.


If you choose to treat your furniture, Parasol Teak Furniture offers in-house garden teak furniture treatment.


After our treatment teak furniture sets look as good as new. We come to your place, pick-up the furniture, clean and oil it and re-deliver to your home. If you choose to use our treatment service, your furniture will remain new and fresh for many years.

A key advantage of our service is the trial periods we offer our customers. If, for example, you can’t decide which of two tables or sofas will look better in your place, we can bring both and leave them for a few days for you to decide which pieces you prefer. This trial period is absolutely free.


To compliment your teak furniture sets, we also offer our clients an extensive collection of covers and teak furniture cushions. Parasol Garden Furniture does not only sell furniture pieces, we strive to offer outstanding service as well.