It’s not always easy to equip a garden in the Middle East because the, often harsh, climate can quickly damage outdoor sofas and benches. Parasol Garden Furniture offers you a wide choice of modern outdoor sofas of high quality that will serve you well for at least five years. Rattan garden sofas and chairs are very comfortable and solid thanks to the use of Rattan, which is long living even in Dubai where the weather can be extremely hot at times.


Parasol Garden Furniture works with Indonesian suppliers who provide us high quality materials for outdoor garden sofas and other furniture. Our Rattan outdoor sofas are also really stylish and trendy; they will compliment and embellish your garden. Of course the most important thing about rattan outdoor sofa sets is their quality and durability. This furniture is made for climates like that of the Middle East.


Parasol Garden Furniture has a huge collection of outdoor garden sofa sets. If you visit our showroom, you will find outdoor garden furniture for all tastes at affordable prices. Our showroom is located in one of the central streets of Dubai, so it’s really convenient to reach. So if you’re in need of beautiful and comfortable garden sofas to make your garden a nicer area for relaxation and meeting with your friends, pay a visit to Parasol Garden Furniture – we’ll help you choose your perfect outdoor sofa in our showroom. If you buy furniture at our company, you won’t have to worry about anything, because we provide follow-up furniture care and service.


Parasol has been in the market since 2006 and we know how important it is to sell not only high quality furniture, but also offer outstanding client service. As an example, we offer trial periods in case you can’t quite decide what to buy. We will bring a few pieces of furniture to your place for a few days, so it becomes easier for you to choose which fits better. The furniture we offer is really durable (at least 5 years) and we provide warranties.


Our showroom is located in a convenient place near to the Mall of Emirates, 327 Umm Suqeim Road, Barsha-2.