Furniture Treatment Services


If you’ve bought teak outdoor furniture and want it to last in wonderful condition for many years, you should think about its periodic treatment. Proper care of teak outdoor furniture not only preserves its characteristic appearance, but also helps to avoid the development of small cracks in the timber.


Teak outdoor furniture care is an easy decision; if you choose to leave it without treatment, it will eventually lose its natural attractiveness through oxidization. To preserve the beauty of teak outdoor furniture, it’s preferable to treat and clean all teak outdoor furniture regularly, especially if you live in a place such as Dubai. The extremely hot climate can affect any type of furniture also the dust in the air can make the furniture look dirty. Cleaning teak furniture can help get rid of this problem.

Teak outdoor furniture care includes:




All of these steps help to maintain teak wood furniture in good condition.


How should teak furniture be cleaned? You’ll need a scrubbing brush and warm water with some soap or a jet wash. Or you can leave teak outdoor furniture cleaning to Parasol Garden Furniture, you can be sure you’ll be happy with the result. We professionally clean and prepare furniture for the re-treating process. After it’s cleaned we carefully sand the surfaces to return the teak to its optimal condition.

If you’re worried you might damage your teak furniture or simply don’t want to maintain it yourself, you can always leave this to us.
Parasol Garden Furniture has extensive experience in teak furniture care; we know how to make it look like new after treatment.

We can also provide all the materials needed for furniture cleaning.