Furniture Upholstering Repair

Unfortunately there’s nothing eternal on Earth. And though we may love our old good furniture with all our hearts, one day we’ll stand before the choice – throw it away and buy a new one or repair an upholstery.

We definitely stand for the second option. For sure – we understand, that your favorite pieces of furniture have been at your place for years and became a kind of “family members”.
Also you definitely have got a bunch of pleasant memories which are connected with your favourite sofa, chair or pouf. Maybe you made your wife a proposal bending one knee while she was sitting on this sofa. Or one of your sons made his first steps, clinging to this very chair. How could you throw them after all?! In fact – you shouldn’t! We’ll give your old but so beloved furniture a second life.

If upholstery of some pieces of your furniture was damaged for a some reasons, we’re here to help you to solve the problem.

Sometimes furniture upholstery can be damaged by pets, children or you by incident. Parasol Outdoor Furniture is glad to offer you a range of option including oiling, furniture repair restoration or changing furniture upholstery. Anyway – repairing or changing furniture upholstery even if it’s a leather upholstery will be much more cheaper option than buying a new set. But what’s really important – your favourite furniture will get a new look and a new life in fact! We make leather sofa repair and leather chairs repair as well. Upholstery on your old good furniture will look like a new one, and nobody will believe you if you say it’s your old furniture.

We’ve been about 10 years on the market and got thousand of happy customers, so we definitely know how to deal with damaged upholstery. We choose among only the best material suppliers, so you can be sure that your new upholstery will serve you long time.

So if something happens to your favourite chair, sofa or anything else – just call us. We’ll come to your place, evaluate condition and give you our professional advice. Than we just take away your furniture, make furniture reupholstering, upholstery restoration or whatever else needed and then bring it back just in a few days. Our highly professional staff work quickly and properly, so you can surprise your loved ones.

Wish to see your favourite furniture reincarnated? So what are you waiting for – just one call and a team of professional furniture resurrectors will be at your door shortly!