Our Advantages

Parasol Garden furniture is an outdoor furniture supplier that not only sells furniture, but also offers excellent client service. We’ve been working with outdoor furniture for many years and we know how hard it is to equip a new house.

We don’t want our clients to spend their time on measuring everything and puzzling endlessly over design details. It’s our task to come to your place, measure your house, show you some examples in one of our catalogues and help you figure out which outdoor furniture set best suits your needs. We’ll take care of everything; you don’t need to think about it.


We have a large outdoor furniture showroom in Dubai located in the city center.

You can always pay us a visit – if you can’t make up your mind, we’ll help you choose stylish outdoor furniture. We can help you with the decision even if you only bring some photos of your place along with you, because we have extensive experience in staging villas. Of course it would be more efficient if you invite us to visit you and we bring some furniture to your place so that we can see how it fits right away.

We provide free and quick outdoor furniture set delivery in Dubai. Often we can even deliver your set on the same day as purchased.

If you’re far from Dubai, there’s a small delivery charge. We want to make it easier for you to decide if the furniture set meets your needs, so we offer a free home trial for 2 or 3 days. If you can’t choose between two tables, for example, we can bring them both to your place; it’ll be easier to decide.


The outdoor furniture we sell is mostly made of teak and rattan. Teak outdoor furniture and rattan outdoor furniture are extremely popular in Dubai for reason of durability. It’s all about the hot climate of the region. Rattan furniture is resistant to the weathering effects of the sun. Teak outdoor furniture is also durable and perfectly fits the climate conditions of the Middle East. Our clients can be sure of the quality of our teak outdoor furniture, because it is made from the robust timber of the Tectona Grandis Tree that grows on the island of Java in Indonesia. Besides, modern outdoor furniture made of teak doesn’t need much maintenance. Rattan outdoor furniture also does not need extensive maintenance. Rattan can resist temperatures up to 70 degree Centigrade and remain free from cracking, corrosion and splintering.

We guarantee durability. Rattan outdoor furniture will last for a minimum of 5 years, but for peace of mind we offer a 2-year warranty on our Rattan products. Teak will last even longer as long as it’s properly treated. We give at least a 1-year warranty for our teak furniture.

We also offer our furniture care service so that your outdoor furniture set will last longer in optimal condition. Our furniture care team will pick up the furniture, maintenance it carefully and re-deliver it at your convenience.


Our outdoor furniture shop is located in the very centre of Dubai, near the Mall of Emirates.

In our outdoor furniture showroom we have a huge collection of designs and products. We can give you professional advice concerning design, help you choose everything for outdoor furniture including cushions. We try to keep collections in stock, so if you need anything that would go well with other products from us, you can always find it in our outdoor furniture showroom.